Help need to sway local goverment

Well time for a update from here.

Due to a local bylaw we are not allowed to use “radio controled model boats” in any city owned water body. :frowning:
A letter was written to the head of the parks department here and asked if a possible exemption could be given to the club until a full review of the bylaw happens (no date set for review but may happen in 2005) . The exemption was to run from April threw to September. And would be for sailboats and a electric rescue boat. No fuel powered boats.
The letter was passed on to a lower staff member for review. (No problem so far) I spoke on the phone with the staff member (1.5 hours) and he told me that the approval should come by Wednesday. [:-bouncy][:-bouncy]

I recieved a email today that states the staff member has spoken to the legal department and now it is felt a admendment to the bylaw is needed.[:-banghead]
A amendment can take up to 15 weeks to get threw. [:-banghead][:-banghead][:-banghead]
there goes the sailing season. [:-weepn]

OK so now what do we do. There is another pond that we can use. But not a great location and by mid June the weed bed really fills in and sailing would be shut down. Also there are a number of nesting geese and ducks on this pond and we do not want to distrub them. We could travel out of the area to a few other small lakes but again the location would not be conductive to promote the club.

Any suggestions? What have other clubs done to get around the rules or how did they get the rules changed.



Sounds like it’s either the geese or theliability that’sthe problem. Legal people are afraid to disturb the geese even the slightest. there are a number of geese in my park so you respect their space and they stay away from yours.

On the other hand, I hear now that there’s a species of goose that is considered “hazardous”. Probablt because they crap all over your yard and that’s not good for trhe kids ( with bare feet). So you get to enjoy those geese too- for supper!

I never understand those “city” people. I guess you gotta be one to uinderstand. :frowning:

we had the same problem here in ontario. even my city. but as soon as i got insurance. the city became coperative, they still were adamit that no gas was to be allowed on the water, when i asked for some clarity. they suggested only wind powerd boats. not even electrics. i found out later that, that meeant that some poeple where useing grease in the prop shafts. and they were worried about the grease getting into the water. invite the city to see what you are doing. that might help. but untill that happends . find a pond anywhere. this will keep you members together. and you can still sail
good luck
long live the cup

Find out if you can get a cover note to sail. Better explaination, if they have approved you to sail and they are only waiting for the legals to do there bit, ask if it would be allowable to use the water as it has already been approved just not officially.


If the club belongs to the AMYA they offer pond insurance.

I tried to get a local pool for winter electric (scale) boating, and was turned down becauase of “Oil polluting the water”. So I suggested we use vaseline. Still got turned down. No matter what lube is used, it’s in such small quantities, that it shouldn’t make a difference ( in a pond).

You can also get water-soluble (biodegradeable) lubes. Not my choice, but if you have to…

Also, in the local park, I got kicked out once for using my TUG! The park Ranger said "no motorized vehicles in the grass or water. That means nitro or gas engines, like helicopters & airplanes! Not electric boats. Another “expert”…

hahaha I have hit the same thing here best part was the Bylaw Officer did not know me and his field trianing officer thought it was funny to have him try to tell me where I could drive the Mack truck.

I work for the police service here and do mainly commercial vehicle enforcment. SO pretty hard to tell me where a truck route is. HAHAHAHA

“we had the same problem here in ontario. even my city. but as soon as i got insurance.”

Did you go threw AMYA for the insurance??? Was wondering if the insurance is good up here in the north.

" invite the city to see what you are doing."
Did this today, hope they accept.