Help me Chad!/Figured it out!

Chad, I tried posting in the technology section.After I was thru and came back I discovered an error; I tried to edit the thing but wound up posting two replies to myself. How do you edit; where is the little icon with the pencil-couldn’t find it. Could you either pull the whole post and the replies or show me how to edit?
UPDATE: I simply wasn’t logging in first so missed the icon on the right of the topic; I can edit but can’t seem to remove the “replies” I posted
Doug Lord
High technology Sailing[:-dunce]

To edit your posts you must first make sure that you are logged in. If your not you will not see the editing Icon. It looked like you were accidently hitting the reply with quotes Icon?? In the Web Tv view it looks like the Editing Icon is in the far corner.

Download Attachment: webTVedit.jpg

Thanks Chad; I’m getting the hang of it now!Pretty cool image-like the way you did that.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing