help identifying this boat

Hi Everyone.

I picked this one as a real deal for $20 bucks. Tempted couldn’t resist to it. Just basic stuff is length about 37 3/4 inch and 7 3/4 beam at the widest point. The keel is just made of pine. It floats but there is no weight to keep it up right with the mast on. At first I thought it was a Star 45 but I searched all of the AMYA classes and nothing similar. I would like to finish it as the size seams a good one to handle winds. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!. Do you all think I should finish it or just move on and build something like an RG- 65 or an IOM?



let me be the first to vote for finishing this one just because it looks so pretty. you hit the jackpot at 20$. Looks sort of like a Vintage 36. You could call it the lucky Duck(or not)

If it was mine I wouldn’t hesitate to plane the trailing edge of the fin a bit thinner if that was what I was looking at in the photo.

Good suggestion jstorrow, I will definitively finish her up and call her the lucky duck!!! I like that name, and maybe some duck yellow color for the hull with varnished deck could compliment her really nice! I couldn’t find anything on the Vintage 36 but did fund some information on a Vintage M in the vintage sailboat web page. Here is a link to the picture It look quite similar so I have requested several places a bit more information. If not, I’ll just finish it with t-37 similar fittings, sails, fin and rudder.
Now on a side note and I know there is a post about it somewhere, but how do you find the float line or wet line (pardon my lack of terminology terms :slight_smile: ) I read somewhere else where to find the clr but any better guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Waterline is usually bottom of bow to bottom of transom: put boat in bath,ballast to that level,sprinkle talcum powder onto water,gently move boat so that the talcum sticks at waterline, remove and mask off.


thanks Edward!
So i guess RC equipment and ballast will go in function of the waterline? Is there a way to estimate the size of the fin and rudder. I mean, is there like a rule or a calculation to get the dimension of the fin and rudder, and what shape should they be?
Thanks in advance and sorry about the newbee questions :slight_smile:


It’s tricky to get a more traditional looking fin shape (at least I find it to be) because you have to design it to the right size and shape. You can do it the old trial and error way and start by making akeel about the right shape, test float it it the tub with that keel, hope its the right weight so you don’t have to make another one, then make a measured profile drawing of the boat, then place the keel on the drawing at the right spot under the center of boyancy. Don’t know if I said that right, know what I mean?

then you can make the keel from the drawing.

I made my keel for my other Vm using a blue foam mold plug placed in a single piece plaster mold, and then scoop out the foam and then pour in a buckshot and epoxy mixture.


To make the lead ballast, first carve a wooden piece of the desired shape.

To make the wood shape, just glue up some wood planks, (called bread and butter construction), then cut and carve to fit and shape to the fin.

Then immerse the wood shape into a full bowl of water, inside a larger bowl. See how much water overflows into the larger bowl. That is the displaced volume of the wood. Use the specific gravity of wood and of lead to multiply the volume of water to calculate the weight of the same shape lead ballast. If the shape will be too heavy, trim the wood and try again, not heavy enough, then add a layer and retrim.

Once you are happy with the shape and volume of the wood shape, use it to cast a lead ballast.


Hi guys,

here is a little update on the project. After a lot of research I came down to find that the hull is a variation of the starlet 36. Plans where published in Popular Mechanics and can be pretty much built from. the following link contains the article and all the information:

In the mean time, I have contacted Will at Tippecanoe Boats and he will send me a few items that can get this baby sailworthy!!! the T-37 closely resembles my starlet so the sails, fin and rudder should be about right. Cant wait to get her finished!!