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I have been looking at the board for quite some time, however I have only just got up the courage to ask you guys (and gals) for some information.

About 10 years ago, my dad (who is a shipwright) gave me a Marblehead from one of his customers. I was told it was designed by a Tasmanian named Fish (or Fysh). It has a fish shape on the sails and the sail number KA 327. I was also told it won the Aus M Nationals in the early eighties twice. I have seen photos of boats from that era and it looks quite ‘advanced’. Does this sound true, or is somebody winding me up??

If this is true, I want to get it sailing and ‘compare’ it to todays designs. I would probably get my butt kicked, but I would never know unless I tried.

Also, it has no radio gear at all. What is an acceptable radio to use as an entry level.? Is a futaba attack ok, or would I be wasting my money??

I have been watching the thread about sailmaking with some intrest. As an ex-sailmaker I am interested in how small(er) sails are made. I have had a go of the “Claudio-widget” and made a jib which has nice shape. I will take a piccie and show you guys when I get it sailing.

Please help me, as I have been told by the minister of finance (missus) to not waste money on it (i.e. have some idea of what I am doing). Also, if you have any gear lying around you wish to sell, please email me on the address below so we can have a chat about it.

Thanks in advance,


welcome sk
the futaba attack. works for me. and i race almost everything, from seawind up to ac20s. and I would race it. even if you get your a** kicked, you would learn something, then design something yourself. to be the a** kicker, or you could improve your thumbs. the one questions we always ask oursleves is the boat the fast , or are we fast. at my club we race IOMs and in my seawind I can take 99% of the members so is the seawind the fastest? or am I. I would say put the boat in and race it. have some fun, and keep going. what are you going to lose. you will have fun, meet people , and maybe , just maybe learn something
good luck

Welcome Superkellick,

I recommend you contact Steve Crews for information on the history of the design you have, and prior Marblehead championships.

You can find Steve’s contact details here…

Steve used to take part in this forum, but doesn’t any longer. That’s another story altogether. But he is National Historian for the Australian Radio Yachting Association, so may be able to help.

I also use the Futaba Attack radio. I have two of them. While I often think of upgrading, I haven’t had any problems with these simple radios so just keep using them. A more expensive radio may give you better range, less interference, easy channel changes etc - but it won’t make you a better sailor. :slight_smile:

Everything you have been told is true mate.
It was proberbly owned by David Shepherd of Tasmania who was very succesfull with it in the early eighties.
If you visit the link attached you will learn heaps.:magnify:

Whilst it will not compete with the latest designs, it will certainly look better than the ugly boats that seem to be in favour at the moment and you will find that there are a couple of groups in Australia, that encourage the sailing and fellowship of these earlier designs.:ihat:

Hopefully some of the Ballarat lads will make contact with you and then you are away laughing.:razz: