Hellow from Greece.

Hello from Greece
I have wanted to contact you for a long time.
Unfortunately we do not have a club for marine modelers in my area.
In recent years, however, there is a very active forum and we had the opportunity to be organized as a group.
I am an old modeler. At times I have dealt with planes, fast racing boats (FSR), scale boats and especially with racing sailboats.
My first sailboat model was a Marblehead named Cent-vingt-neuf (129) wooden scratch build in 1979 followed by the wooden Cedar4, Cedar club in Glassfibre and Berlingo carbon-kevlar built in 1994 very competitive yet.
In recent years I have worked on FOOTY class, IOM (Triple crown and Ska) and RG65 (Laerke - Palo de Agua and a personal plan boat). All are scratch built.
At the moment, on my bench, there is an AC-65.