Hi, i m George from Munich, and my interests are RC Racing boats, in particular AC120 which we d like to promote here in Europe. I also have IOM And 10R boats.


Welcome George !

I appreciate your interest with the AC120 and your intention to spread it around Europe is very encouraged.
There are, nevertheless, some regrets that the America Monohull are not there anymore and a certain interest is shading away starting from Italy where me and Renato we contributed with our designs to develop the class some years ago.
The AC120, as well the AC100, are excellent models for competition other then leisure.

Probably you have met Alan Wymer - K1W120, actually returned to New Zealand; together we have done quite a lot of work about AC120 for Germany.

After much experimental design work, my interests as designer, remain toward the models above 65cm, the last being the10Rater. Passion for beauty sailing models remains with J-Class and 12Metres.

If you like, we could have good design discussions about these models.



Hi Claudio,
nice to meet you here in the forum. You are actually the father - or at least one of the fathers of AC120. We regret very much that Alan has left us, before we could increase the interest in the class here.
The point is that the sailors don´t want to split their activities too much in too many different classes. The IOM is very active here, and then M-Boats, 10R, Sprinta. That the original Americas Cupper monohulls passed away does actually not so matter, since it is nevertheless interesting to sail “museums” -boats. We have now the moulds of Alan and could really produce many nice hulls, if the interest rises.
Btw the NZL-20 is also a nice boat, perhaps it will be my next built. Or the Young America. Is the hull of Young America similar to one of our moulds (NZL92, Areva, NZL 20, Jaguar, NZL 32) ?

kind regards,
George (i.e. Jörg)

Hi George,

tank you for reply. I regret too, but very probably he will do something in NZL !

Young America is pertaining to a earlier America Cup concept and very little is known at model level, only 1 or 2 are made. I do not recall any winning, as instead for AREVA with Mauro as skipper with several podium winnings are recorded in Ravenna at Italian Cup. Thumbs oblige of course !

On paper NZL92, Areva, NZL20 are very similar, while NZL32 (Black Magic) could be a good outsider and YA is probably a dated design.

I agree that 10Rater are still calling justified interest of modellers including myself and this is why I have designed two ESTEREL models with low and high PC as well the Narrow Deck version. Once reorganized with my lab (all my files and models are stored in a messy garage after removal), it is not escluded to make one.