Hello to everybody I’m from Leicester England Its over 30 years since I last built a model sailing yacht, its a hobby I used to get so much enjoyment from as a child.

A few months ago I came across a book “Build your own radio controlled yacht” by Bryn Heveldt, I purchased this book and built the model S.Y. Red Sun.

I so much enjoyed building and sailing Red Sun that I started on another, and then another… :slight_smile:

Guess I must have got the bug again



Hi Shelly -

nice website and what looks to be awesome sailing venues. Welcome to the site and an early thank you for your anticipated participation.

Dick Lemke
Minnesota, USA

Thankyou for the welcome Dick

I hope I will be able to help contribute to this forum with any experiance I may be able to share, though it may proberbly be me trying to glean help and info from others :slight_smile: