Been into rc cars and boats for over 25 years, Last winter decided to build an rg65 (jiff2/puma) for quiet playing around the cottage. Now building a Laerke for the girlfriend and looking at various iom plans just for something bigger.
Don’t think I’ll be doing any racing as the closest club (Toronto) only seems to regularly sail Victorias and Soling 1m. Not to offend anyone but I enjoy building as much if not more than running boats, so the idea of a plastic pre-manufactured hull really holds no interest for me. LOL out of the current 5 boats only my FE mono is fiberglass, the rest are all built from plan from scratch.
Surfed this forum as a guest quite a few times and got some great info, suppose I’ll join although I doubt I’ll have much to add as this is my first summer of rc sailing (crewed on many full size racing boats though).

welcome… just keep us updated… I live in waterloo… and have a boat in most classes… working on the marblehead right now

getting gf… involved is a great idea… i got my wife involved… and now have a workshop full of boat

hehehehehe… great when the wife comes to the pond too