Hello to all from Fajardo Puerto Rico

Hello again, I’m a retire Army 1SG originally from NY now living in Fajardo (by the beach) Puerto Rico, had alot of time on my hands so about 4 months ago I purchased 2 1m boats from a web site a Phantom and Monsoon had to do ALOT of modification to get them ready to sail in salt water, one day while sailing a couple of guys stop by and invited me to a local RC club and the rest is HISTORY. The club is register with the AMYA #322 they sail a locally built boat called X52 not yet register as a class with AMYA but we are working to get there cause its a GREAT sailing and looking Boat. I can go on and on but I wont. Great to be onboard.

GDay Picazo

The Phantom and Monsoon are great boats to get started - the X52 sounds interesting - tell us more…

Hi TY for the intrest. Here is our club page www.prmyc.com we are just getting started just a few member, most of the site is in spanish, I’m the only one writing in english at the moment my site .ID is FirstSergeant I hv some pics and vids posted there. Here are a couple of pics just to gv you an idear.

Nice looking boats 1SG. You say they are a class local to your area - but are they scratch built, is there a local builder, or is there a company where parts are purchased for assembly? Can they be purchased from the States for shipment?

Thanks for posting the photos - best wishes to all of your sailing friends.


Hi Dick The X52 is build by a local Family here in Fajardo PR. The dad and 2 sons in a small work shop behind their house. The hull, keel, ballast and rudder are all made in molds with hand laid fiberglass, every thing else is locally purchased or from internet sites. The family has been building these X52 since 2005. I believe that as of today they have build around 30 X52. The X52 that I own was one of the early ones build, I have had it all updated to the latest version. As far as selling one and shipping to the staes I cant answer that, but if you like check out our club site www.prmyc.com my site ID is FirstSergeant we are a small group only 29 members. Most of the forum is in spanish, Ive been slowly trying to change that by writing all my forums in english.