Hello from the TAG Country...

Hi Gang,

 Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself...  Name is Bruce and I live in the very NW corner of Georgia...  As the newest member of the Chattanooga Model Boat Club I am ready to try anything...  Our race chairman and I got talking about sailboat racing and the subject of the Footy came up...  Well, it takes three boats to form a class in our club and so with my kit on the way, and his two in the beginning stages, looks like we are going to have a Footy Class at CMBC...

 Looking forward to participating in the forum, have already learned many valuable tips and tricks...


Bruce AKA: GearHead :cool:

Welcome. If you’re ever in the Raleigh area, we’ll get a boat wet. Well… I don’t have all the announcements finished but the Triangle MYC will be hosting a local division of the NZL Postal Classic on April 22nd. It’s only 8 hours away, pop on over. We’ll have a good time.

John, would you care to express that distance in tonnes of CO2?


Oh look who’s talking, Mr. come-fly-across-oceans-to-sail-with-me. You’re just worried I’ll draw away sailors from your event. :stuck_out_tongue:

Darling, if you trty that onec again, I shall just STAMP on my handbag nd FLY out of the window.

NB In UK this is funny. If not so in US, tell me and I’ll delete it! :slight_smile:


Angus, it might be funny if it was not for the dyslectic bits.:tophat:

Darling, if you trty that onec again, I shall just STAMP on my handbag nd FLY out of the window.
And everyone knows that you can`t fly on a handbag, you need a broom.:witch:

No offence mate…:devil3:

good point ian… i guess 'ol angus got a little worked up?:stuck_out_tongue: lol. we’re just giving you a hard time angus…:smiley:


Welcome Bruce, love the avatar!

Angus… maybe that was funny in Lancashire? :smiley:

TAG? Shouldn’t you be caving instead of sailing? :smiley: After all, you live in one of the largest caving areas in the world.


You can’t pay mind to Angus’ typing skills. He’s more of the cerebral type, and possibly not of the dextrous. At least his head is on squarely.

BTW- CMBC stands or the Cleveland Model Boat Club (Est. 1966) :smiley:


Yes, caving, kayaking, climbing, hang gliding, and scooter riding … It is a great area… I know of one local cave with a waterfall and pool, would make for some interesting flash photos… Not much breeze down there but perhaps enough… :cool:




That is pretty funny idea! Would at the least make for some interesting photos. Not many people can say they had their sailboat on a pond underground! lol

Always wanted to venture down that way to go climbing and do some vertical caves. Just have not made it there yet. Someday.