Hello from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay

I am looking for a reliable new toy for my husband. The boat will be used in brackish water, which I know is not recommended. This will be his 2nd radio controlled sailboat. The first boat, which lasted about 7 years and was used exclusively in brackish water, was swamped, sank, and could not be retrieved. I’d like to stay around $200. I cannot remember the manufacturer of his previous boat. It was purchased at a hobby shop that is no longer business so I cannot check their records. I’ve come across Joysway, ProBoat, and AquaCraft online. Are they reliable boats?
Thanks In Advance. =)

welcome paula…hello from Northern VA…

if you wanted a good cheap boat I would look at the Tiger thunder victoria


from a build aspect its more of an “assembly”

it is a very active class with regatta’s all over the country. the boat is easily transportable and can sail it just about any wind speed.

if you wanted more a challenge from a build standpoint, you could look at the victor soling one meter. it sails better than victoria as its a bit longer and heavier.

I guess it really depends on what you want to do. just tool around at a pond by yourself or sail with others and race and have a bit more comraderie

depending on where you are there are plenty of clubs.

here is the club listed from the AMYA for clubs in MD

Ideally, buy a boat that is being sailed by a club nearby, even if you don’t plan on sailing with them that way, you have a “support” system in place if you run into any snags during the build. You’ll find many folks willing to help you get a boat on the water and tuned and sailing properly.

129 Blue Crab MYC
Contact: Nils van den Beemt
Email: Blue Crab MYC Classes Sailed: CR914, V32, Victoria
6430 Goldleaf Drive Area served: Montgomery County, Maryland Area
Bethesda, MD 20817-5832 sail location:
301 963-5257

11	Chesapeake Bay Model Racing Association
  	Contact: Ernest Freeland
 	Email: Chesapeake Bay Model Racing Association 	Classes Sailed: CR914, EC12
  	908 Blue Ridge Drive 	Area served:
  	Annapolis, MD 21409-5208 	sail location:
  	410 349-0855

216	Chesapeake Marblehead MY Assn.
  	Contact: Bruce Gay
 	Email: 	Classes Sailed:
  	6423 Long Beach Drive 	Area served:
  	Saint Leonard, MD 20685-2539 	sail location:
  	410 586-1573

16	Chesapeake's Cadle Creek Yacht Club
 	Email: 	Classes Sailed: Victoria
  		Area served:
  	, 	sail location:

87	Choptank Model Yacht Club
  	Contact: Babe Wroten
 	Email: 	Classes Sailed: EC12, Open, Other, Star45, Victoria, Other()
  	211 Choptank Avenue 	Area served: Eastern Shore/ Delmarva
  	Cambridge, MD 21613-1626 	sail location: Pinks Pond
  	410 228-1594

320	Fell's Point Shipwright
  	Contact: James Wheeler
 	Email: 	Classes Sailed: Other, Vintage, Other(Schooner, Skipjack)
  	6129 Cardiff Ave. 	Area served: Baltimore
  	Baltimore, MD 21224 	sail location: Druid Hill Lake
  	443 367-5160

76	Great Schooner Model Society
  	Contact: Parker McClellan
 	Email: Parker McClellan 	Classes Sailed: Other, Other(Multi-mast Schooners)
  	P.O. Box 335 	Area served:
  	Solomons, MD 20688-0335 	sail location:
  	410 326-6019

278	Heritage Harbor MYC
  	Contact: Frank Steffens
 	Email: Frank Steffens 	Classes Sailed: EC12, Seawind, Victoria
  	2788 Rudder Drive 	Area served:
  	Annapolis, MD 21401-6880 	sail location: Heritage Harbor, Mastlind
  	410 266-2421

205	Maryland Model Yacht Club
  	Contact: John Ebell
 	Email: John Ebell 	Classes Sailed: EC12, ODOM, Victoria
  	312 Severn Avenue W 410 	Area served: Washington DC Metropolitan Area
  	Annapolis, MD 21403-2573 	sail location: Columbia, MD
  	410 295-9244

299	Oxford RC Laser Fleet
  	Contact: David Branning
 	Email: David Branning 	Classes Sailed: RC Laser
  	21388 Ferry Landing Road 	Area served:
  	Tilghman, MD 21671-1144 	sail location: Oxford
  	410 886-9849

90	Solomons Island Model Boat Club
  	Contact: Butch Garren
 	Email: Butch Garren 	Classes Sailed: Other, RG65, Victoria, Vintage, Other(Schooners, Skipjack)
  	11830 Blue Point Court 	Area served:
  	Lusby, MD 20657-4021 	sail location: Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, MD
  	410 394-0014

here is the link from the amya site with email links.

Thank You for the response. He doesn’t have plans to sail with a club, but having that support system in place does make sense. The TTV looks like a good choice for him. Again, Thank You.

I had not planned on sailing with a club either. but once you do it a few times. its a lot of fun sailing and racing against other people…

good luck…

I would check with the local clubs, you may find they have one that is already assembled and ready to go… it might cost a few bucks more but the work has been done… Might make a nice christmas present… :slight_smile: fully rigged and built sailboat under the tree on Christmas Morning…


contact me offline

mjs82 at georgetown.edu

I may have a line on built boat…if you are interested…


contact me offline

mjs82 at georgetown.edu

I may have a line on built boat…if you are interested…