Hello from the BIG State of Texas!

Hello all!

I’m a long time modeler, started with airplanes when I was around 9 years old. I’ve flown aerobatic aircraft, open class sailplanes, slope soarers and helicopters for many years. I also raced cars when I was younger, spending just about every penny from lawn mowing jobs on new tires and what not. I recently got into RC boats, buying a Fast Electric to start with then following up with my first sailboat, a Vic which I am racing with this weekend.

I realize that there is a lot of knowledge in this forum and I can’t wait to dive in and be able to participate!


Welcome and congrats on joining a solid group of folks. I have owned a Victoria and enjoyed sailing it for a number of years. If you are racing in a AMYA club setting, thisis class allows for a number of upgrades which can improve the boats performance. Worth a look at the rules. Here is a link to their web page for the Victoria : http://www.theamya.org/boats/victoria/

I posted a picture of my old Victoria. I didn’t make any of the upgrades since the group I sailed with opted to keep them “stock” or in the factory conration. Frankly, the factory set -up worked well enough for us that we felt no need to spend the dollars to modify our boats. The guy that purchased my boat was in a club that was into the full race versions - so he made the investment and my old boat is now a very high end Victoria!:slight_smile:

Whatever direction you take, I am sure you will enjoy RC sailing. I look at this aspect of RC to be an investment. I have never had to take one of my sailboats home in a bag!:slight_smile:

One last thought - this is good place to ask questions, so if you have any post them and I am sure you’ll get some very good responses.


not to take anything away from this group, there is also a victoria yahoo group… which is all thing Vic…

There is a lot of Vic sailing in texas… Have fun…