Hello from sunny NC

Hi guys,

I am an RC sailing rookie. I discovered the sport this spring and got in the RC Laser class. I was competing in my first regatta this past weekend at the “North American RC Laser Championship” that happened to be hosted by my local club, TMYC, the Triangle Model Yachting Club. We sail at lake Crabtree in Raleigh NC.

I am planning to stick with the Laser. I am getting a Victoria, we are sailing that class and the EC12 as well as the Laser at the club. We sail every Saturday morning, rotating from one class to the next with an open weekend every month for make up or free for all racing.

I am also thinking of getting a couple of DragonFoce. I say a couple because my wife sails also. I got her a Laser and while she has not sailed in our regattas, she ain’t bad and she enjoys it. Also, it makes it easier to invite a buddy to try to hook him into the sport.

I’ll stop here for now. I have a lot to learn.

Jacques in NC



About once a year I head down to TMYC and sail my Victoria in the Tax refund Regatta in April. If you get a victoria and a dragon force, you might want to check out richmond model yacht club and Northern VA Model Yacht Club. both clubs host quite a few RG65 regatta’s through the year and the Club in Northern VA has quite a few Victoria events as well.