Hello from St. Louis

Not really St. Louis. 10 minutes across the river in Illinois but nobody knows about Belleville IL. (Grin)

Grew up in Kentucky on the big lakes and have always been infatuated with sailing. I never had many opportunities to go sailing, as my parents preferred ski boats and runabouts.

I’ve been into R/C for a number of years and operate a side-business making chassis for R/C multicopters. That keeps me pretty busy, as well as my full-time job as a software engineer. However, it doesn’t keep me from pursuing just about anything that interests me. I have two CNC routers that I plan to use to pursue this one. That is cutting highly accurate shadows, templates and 3D milling prototype parts, jigs, plugs, and molds to use in the construction. Well, at least that is my ‘end game’ plan.

For now, hello and I look forward to learning a lot and helping where I can.

Take care,

Wow. Kinda dead here, eh?

Hi Matt,

Welcome aboard!
You must have picked a quiet time of day or missed where the activity is. Not sure what time it is where you are, midday Thursday here (Australia)…

Try the “New Posts” link near top of page - that seems to be the place to head for what is happening NOW… it is a bit hard to find your way around this forum IMHO but the content seems good…

G’day Matt
This forum/board is not as active as some, but has some very solid information. Do you have any RC yachts or power boats? It sounds like your background is well suited to this great hobby.
I found that I lean toward models that are to scale and mimic full size boats, or planes or rolling vehicles. Some members are gifted scratch builders, others are into kits and yet many are into models that are more less ready use. I think the RTR or ARTR are becoming more popular that the others. I live in So. CA. with weather conditions that permit and encourage outside activities. I feel that folks here like to get something that they can get out and use. Climates that are less inviting to being outside may see more builder’s than out here. Not sure but seems logical.

I started with a few “almost ready to run” sailboats, then some power boats, then started building some kits, got into a little off-road 4x4, and then got into aircraft.
Settled into RC Sailing as my primary activity, then flying. Very different experiences! :smiley: Sailing is certainly more relaxing - racing can be exciting and adds to the overall fun. Flying is certainly not relaxing! Building aircraft is but, flying them, at least for me is rush, and for the 5 or so min.s I am flying, each second in the air is more of a “rush” than rest or relaxation. It is however a nice change of pace. I think as my skills as a pilot improve the stress levels may decline a bit. I sure hope so.

I have some fast electric boats which relate more directly to flying - at the speeds some of these boats travel, almost anything can happen, even flight! I like bringing my models home in the same condition they started the day in. Thus my tendency for sailing. It is all good, and each different aspect of RC’ing has its benefits.

Welcome - I am confident you will enjoy spending some time within the RC community.


Thanks for the welcome. My boss at work was into racing them when he was living in California. Most of his life actually. He is going to be one of my consultants. I think I’m going to jump in hard and heavy and try building, from scratch, something bigger and as nice as I can. I am really drawn to the IAC boats I’ve seen in some threads here. I’m not afraid of a challenge or mistakes! (I’m ready to make a few. haha)

So, I will probably start drafting up the plans this weekend. I do have a decision to make. Cut shadows and make a plug with the balsa strips and fiberglass OR let my CNC machines do much of the tedious part and mill the plug in sections from foam, stick them together, and lay glass over that. I think the 2nd method might be faster but the previous method will probably be more relaxing. I really enjoy working with wood and other tools by hand.

Thanks again folks,

Gidday Matt,

No need to waste time drafting up your own plans there are plenty of AC designs plans already available, look in the plans section, I can tell you the ClaudioD plans having all the scaling issues ironed out so you they will sail well.

Had a choice go CNC !!! but nothing like working with your hands with planking and sanding if you sit in front of P.C all day and start a new thread on your project and you will get ton of supporters.

Best of Luck ! Cheers Alan

My apologies. I stated that wrong. By drafting it up, I simply meant to bring the PDF’s from Claudio (already got my eye on one) into my CAD program so I can generate tool paths. Either way, CNC foam or CNC the shadows/forms, I have to bring it into CAD. If I go the 3D foam approach, I’ll have to do a little more CAD and loft a surface over the skeleton to give my CAM package something to work with.

In addition to my 2 CNC machines, I also have a vinyl cutter that will handle media up to 16 inches wide and 10 feet long. (Can anyone say painting stencils? grin)

I’m all about being active in the communities that I join. If anyone out there needs anything from me and my limited resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love collaborating!

Thanks again,

Hey Matt,
Have you looked into the RG-65 Class of sailboats. Also lots of planes out there. And seems to be aup and coming class that the AMYA is racing. Although it has been around for awhile in South America.


For my first, I will give just about anything a look. I’m starting from the ground floor. Sourcing materials from balsa to CF to resins. I still have a lot to figure out. :).

Thanks so much,

Check out RG-Andys Blog on RG-65s. It is in German, this is a link with a Google translater. He has plans and great pics on his builds. I had some kits laser cut of the NEKST. No worries I had his permission. All he asked from me were pics of the boats.
Check it out it is a good read.

Will do. After looking at different plans and designs, it might be better if I ‘work out’ my construction plans on something smaller like a Footy (really cool little ships) or something.

Thanks so much guys,

The Footy page.


Yes, I’ve already been all over that. I think I might ‘overkill’ it tho. LOL! It will be a great learning experience, all the way around. I will start a thread once I’ve got my game plan and some CAD work done. :slight_smile:

So, I decided to start with a Footy to learn to sail. I figure its a great affordable start and I can always move up if/when I want to. However, I’m afraid I will overkill the project like I do most everything else in my world. Haha

I started a new thread in the Footy section.

Thanks again guys! If there’s anything I can do for you ( CNC some parts or templates, etc) just give me a yell.