Hello from So Cal

Hello from So Cal. I’ve never sailed anything, other than a Frisbee :rolleyes:

I built a Victor Tahoe II ~ 30 years ago and test-floated it a swimming pool. It’s been in my garage rafters ever since. Now it’s time to sail. I’m in the process of converting the electronics to Spektrum 2.4 and will be using a DX 9 for a transmitter.

Question: is it a typical setup for the rudder to be on the right control stick and the sail on the left? If the sail is on the left, should it be setup left/right or, up/down?


Typical is rudder on the right, movement right/left; sail on the left, movement up/down.



To add to Earl’s comment - on the sail, on the left stick, down is IN and up is OUT