Hello from RenatoC

This is my first message on this forum.

My name is Renato Chiesa and I live in Rome, Italy. I’m born in the 1973 and i really like RC Sailing model boat!
It’s one of my passions… it’s the greatest! I like to project and build America’s Cup model and you can find my projects on my web site


In the 1997 I began model-maker experience building Cattiglia, a very special catamaran: i made the hulls using simple plastic bottle water… very funny idea :slight_smile:
In the 2003 I built Luna Rossa ITA-45 and, years after years, I developed the model.
In the last year I token part in the IACC120 Roma Cup with my ITA-45, very useful experience!
Now I’m building a new IACC120 model: Azzurra!!!

It’s all… for now :slight_smile:

Hi Renatoc ! …another AC nut :slight_smile: welcome aboard the forum and look forward to meeting up with you in Ravenna in 4-5 weeks time for IACC Cup, best wishes on your Azzura build, be great to have update from you regularly.

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Hi Alan, nice to meet you on this forum.

I’m sorry but my web-site is only in italian language!
About Azzurra cosntruction web page… yes: it is a big work for me to update almost daily the Azzurra page, but I’m really very happy to do it becouse at the end of construction the Azzurra-page will be a very usefull instrument to help a lot of entry model-maker :slight_smile:

Ok Alan, September is very near… and I still have a lot ok work up my Azzurra… I must finisch on time!!!