Hello from Philadelphia

Hello. I am a former big boat owner looking to get into the model building and racing hobby. I have been lurking for weeks, and have been very impressed by the knowledge in the forums.
I look forward to learning and building.


there are plenty of AMYA clubs on the east coast…

easiest way to get started is to visit one when they are sailing. Someone will hand over a transmitter and let you get the itch…


you’ve been lurking for weeks and you’re still sane?? Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, welcome. and do as Marc says. Try not to get your model yachting things from K-Mart, although I get some carbon tubes there, but places like K-mart and Radio Shack are definitely not a supplier of quality radio-controlled models. And that’s coming from someone who buys model yachting hardware from the tackle shop and the sewing store! :lol:

Good luck and have fun.

There is a great club right across the river in NJ.