Hello from Oregon - Jeff Wagner

I’m a relative newbie. I own a Dragon Force and am in the middle of building a US One Meter from scratch and assembling a T-37.
I live in Albany and would love to meet some locals to sail with.

Jeff Wagner

Hi Jeff - welcome to the forum.

Seeing you are building a US 1 Meter, when you are done, I would invite you to visit the RG65 page where you will find a bunch of info - as far back as 2008 or earlier when were starting up the RG65 Class Owners Association (COA) here in the US. It is the primary class under which the Dragon Force races as a one-design ----- (or the DF can be modified if you wish) and as a builder you might be interested in some of the free plans provided or check out links to other plans for all-out race RG6’s.

In any case, welcome and good luck with your builds.

Dick Lemke