Hello from Ontario, Canada

Hi everyone,
Im just here to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. I’m an ex-rc heli pilot who decided to look for something different. I’ve always been into boats and sailing but never realized how complex and fascinating it all is. Ive made a few small little “unmanned” sailboats to throw out onto the lake for fun and have finally decided to make use of all my heli equipment to make a full rc sailboat now.

My current project is a square rigger of my own design but I’ve been reading up lately on various modern sailboat designs. This is my first time building my own boat from scratch and not from a kit and I definitely have hit some snags here and there. Im already looking down the barrel of my next project which will be a typical US One Meter design of some kind with traditional sails and possibly a third project of making a trimaran/catamaran with a fixed wing sail design. I’m not currently working from a kit because I do like the challenge of building things by scratch but my novice skills are definitely showing with all the small errors and inconsistencies I have in my current build. Im hoping to learn from this one and possibly hone my skills a bit further.

I cant seem to post images yet so whenever I do get permission ill post a pic of my current square rigger.


where you from??? I am in waterloo… if i can offer any help… just ask

I’m from the Toronto area. Actually there is one thing that I do need help with. What are some good boat specific hobby stores that are within ontario or possibly canada that you shop at? My usual hang out was Hobbyhobby but they dont really do much with boats nor scratch builds so it hasnt been as useful as during my RC heli days

leading edge in Kingston has lots of parts. Composites Canada for fibreglass and carbon cloth, as well as epoxy. Michaels (with the 50% coupon) for many things as well.