Hello from Munich!

Hallo! I represent a new form of RC Sailing, with the Sprinta RC!
It is a scale model of the successful Sprinta Sport and features a brilliant Genoa system!
Please ask any questions that may arise!

Hi Hannas & Christian,

Welcome to RC sailing forum, great to have you on board, just to give you orientation the original topic of Genoa on RC boat started with this thread http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/showthread.php?5837-Genoa-on-IACC-120 then some months later.

Then ClaudioD started new boat classes threat called 43-900 http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/showthread.php?6251-43-900 and that’s when Sprinta RC came into the picture, as we don’t want to go too far off ClaudioD topic of new boat, therefore we need to switch back to Genoa topic back to Genoa threat, we welcome your value comments and experience, and please if you like to start new thread on dedicated to the Sprinta RC we all welcome the opportunity.

Would be better to open new threat under new boat classe, if you like too.

Cheers Alan

I appreciate and offering my congratulations to Hanna & Christian for the beautifull and precise scale model like the Sprinta RC, I believe is the best on the market since ages !

As Alan was asking, his your servo system “exportable” to another boat size from 100 to 130 cm ?

If this would be the case, I assume that it will be a great worldwide opportunity for you …

My second question, as designer, why your model is weighting 8kg ?

Thank you !

The Sprinta RC weighs 8kg simply due to the fact that we did not want to compromise any of the sailing experience we found to have when racing the big yachts where mass plays a critical factor, for example in terms of acceleration. Also, if it were less of a keel, then either it would dramatically reduce its heavyweather capabilities or the length of the keel and so the aesthetics…
Further, we find that the Sprinta RC shares many characteristics to the Original Sprinta Sport, this is very much due to it sharing the same proportions. 8 kilograms arises when scaling the actual mass to three dimensions…
cheers, h