Hello from Michigan!

Hi there,

New to RC Sailboat (or any RC boat), but heavily into airplanes and helicopters…

Got sidetracked 3 weeks ago “surfing” the net and here I am!!!

My main satisfaction out of this hobby is building whatever I can. I am sure sailing will be next!

I want to thank many of you already for sharing lots of info I have already found and want to thank more, in advance, for those that will be helping me out in the future!!


Welcome to the forum Roberto - and am sure you will find something to tweak your interests - be it the little FOOTY Class, the multihulls, the RG-65’s, US or IOM 1 meter boats or even vintage and multi-masted schooners.

Enjoy your reading, and let us know if you have questions.

Dick (former “Michigander” ) now in Minnesota