Hello from Miami

Hi to all.
Im origonally from Wisconsin but for some reason I no find my self in Miami.
I have been a "Full Scale"sailor my whole life in one design Melges casses.
Anyway the onedisgin racing down here is so pour I’m. Looking to get back into rc sailing I owned a nirvana for a few years but I never raced, but id like to start racing now. Mmy only problem is there is a ton of info on the web but a lot of it is out dated so I’m here trying to get some good current info.
I look forward to hear from you guys
Sail fast

Start Here : http://www.theamya.org/clubs/ Pretty current info.
See if there is a club near you and go visit. Chances are there is an extra boat around to try.
This way you can see what class/s they sail and then you can get something to Race that is sailed locally.
Thats what I did. I think there sorry they answered the phone now… :slight_smile:
Soling (soon)
Footy (someday)