Hello from Mesa- Arizona - USA

Hi guys, My name is Mario I. Arguello and my Company is MIA Micro-FLIGHT.
I have been designing RC Model products for more than 15 years.

A recent encounter with an HK BAT1 RC Landyacht, brought back childhood memories when I use to make water and land sailboats
using some scrap wood, nails, bottle caps, thread and some fabric I would obtain from my mom’s dress-shop.

I have taken a bit of a break from the more serious models I design and sell in kit form to deal with this bug that has bitten me lately,
designing RC landyachts. My goal is to do and offer something different done in the traditional MIA Micro-FLIGHT style. These two MIA
Trike-a-Sail™videos are the start.



My involvement with models also goes back to pine racers when I was a boy scout, then plastic scale static cars,
then I went on to RC models beginning with boats, then cars, then airplanes, microlights, ultralights, helicopters and ultimately autogyros.
You can read more about me and the things I have done and still do at this link: http://www.micro-flight.com/mario-i-arguello.htm