Hello from McKinney, TX

Hi ya’ll…my name is Cash Hargett, live in McKinney, TX, with my lovely wife Teresa, daughter Grace, 2 cats and a Studebaker.
I received a DragonForce 65 for a Christmas gift from my wife…now, the only radio sailing experience I’ve had was with an old Sterling Sailfish that I had working on 2 channel radio around 1995. I didn’t sail it much, actually got it to tack, but I have maybe 20 minutes behind the sticks on that boat. That was about the extent of my rc sailing experience, till I got the DF65. I’m primarily an aviation and powerboat modeler, but the DF was on my list. Teresa got it for me because I had been talking about it, and, in her words, “it will make you use your brain a little more”.:slight_smile:
I maidened her at the trinity River Yacht Club’s New Years get-together, and I really enjoyed it!! I was actually able to get her around the course, she didn’t sink, and I didn’t have to chase her across the lake!1 WOO-HOO!!
I’m looking forward to sailing this boat more, and building others, so here I sit, ready to learn…hope ya’ll will have me.