hello from london

Hiya all,

My name is james kane, im an old hand at sailing be it rc or the big boys. Originally from South African i moved to the UK ten years ago, sadly when i left S.A my boats remained behind and were sold off to friends… i recently commissioned a Tinto from Michael Clifton CM Yachts http://www.asqq32.dsl.pipex.com/

I received the hull three weeks ago and have been slowly working on it so as not to trash it before it even touches water :slight_smile:

Anyways that’s my short story.

Thanks for joining. (Just some general curiosity) What are your hulls made from? I looked at the CM website, didnt see the Tinto model. The other hulls look very nice though. Do you have any pictures handy that you could attach?

“The hulls are constructed from Ampreg Pregel, gelcoat with added pigment to the colour of your choice. Ampreg 20 resin with 2 layers of 200gm E glass twill cloth with localised reinforcing. The fin/mast box is also made using Ampreg 20 and 2 layers of 200gm E glass”

I will post photos shortly!