Hello from ITA52 - Araxi

ITA52 is a Brando footy by Flavio Faloci (Flavio). Named “Araxi” from my Armenian wife.
I am from Milano, I’m 61, two sons, one wife and a Scottish Terrier named Gwendoline

I arrive to RC sailing coming from RC planes, micro-copters, and LOT of static ships - I also am a photographer, by the way.
I also arrive(d) to RC sailing with a ton of prejudices, you know, the usual ones, sailing an RC boat is as exciting as viewing the paint that dries, RC sailboats are for Alzheimer struck retired people, and so on.
Well, they are not. I privilege the “static”, aestetic aspects of a boat, but hell, the Brando footy ROCKS !
Extensive photo and video coverage will follow, I am also waiting for my Presto plans to enlarge my floating family: Alessandro II the Springer Tug (my younger son), Araxi the Catboat Footy (wife) and Fatheralbert the Presto (that will be me).

Compliments for the Forum!