Hello from Hellas (Greece).

Hello from Hellas (Greece).

My name is Kosmas, 'm from Athens and deal with rc sailing almost six months.
My first rc sailboat is a 1m ETNZ (fly emirates) which a modified in Greek Challenge of America’s Cup by changing only the sails and some riggings. A not so good attempt but it was only the beginning.
The next rc model there a make, is a trimaran. Is the Triana by Robbe, only 40 cm shorter, made of lightweight plywood.
Also two weeks ago i started building a Footy and now has almost finished. I love it too much and already thinking to start another one.
Finally, the next model project is an old Greek sailing boat Trechantiri length 95 cm. This will take a long time to finish.
These from me.

I’m glad i found you and i am sorry for the not so good of my English.
(I use this: http://translate.google.gr)

Best Regards

Welcome aboard.

I look forward to seeing some pictures of your tri build and footy.