Hello from Dubai!

I have been looking at the threads on this site for ages and thought it was about time I introduced myself. I have been inspired by Claudio and others to build an AC replica some time ago and have since built a mahogany Hacker Craft replica and have almost completed an AC 45. The AC 45 was recently launched with a test rig and sailed well, almost completed the wing sail.

Not sure how to post pictures but will have a go,


I’ve seen a few messages from Claudio where he has noted that there seems to be few people building boats recently, there are still some of us out there and I am sure that like me they were inspired by you so keep up the good work.

If there is anyone else in Dubai building or sailing RC boats get in touch!


Hello Chris
You have done a terrific job. Boats look amazing. RC sailing is a great past time and offers many rewards. One is of course the satisfaction of building these things, then getting use them at the same time, meeting new friends. Being outside on the water is always a plus. I’ve been involved for more than ten years and still enjoy any day I can get one or more of my boats on the water. Again nice work and welcome


Thanks Boomer!
I tend to build my boats during the summer months when it’s too hot (125 F!) to do much outside and then sail them during the winter. I have tried to whip up some interest locally but no luck yet. I have just completed a new keel for the mono hull which will hopefully hit the water on Friday.

As soon as that’s done I will make a second attempt at getting the wing and foils to work on the AC 45.

I think this summers project might be an IOM, just not sure which design to go for? I am trying to upload a video of the AC45’s maiden voyage, will post a link when it’s done.

Cheers, Chris.

I understand it can be a challenge to find new people to sail with. We moved to a much smaller town and had to pretty much start over. Solo sailing is good but always more enjoyable with a friend along to talk with. I have a close friend that has a couple of the same boats I do. That always gives way to a little racing - We will actually sail each others boats to see who might be the better skipper.
Our favorite is the Yamaha RTW - we both have one and enjoy the competition albeit limited. If you are not familiar with rcgroups.com they have a large sailboat following - could be of interest to you.