Hello from Denmark

Hi Everyone

My name is Anders i live in Denmark. Im 26 years old, working as a mechanical enginner.

I startet sailing Optimist, before i started walking(almost), and ended up sailng the 29er skiff, which will always have special place in my heart.

I have togther with my dad almost finished our first IACC120 from the SUI-64 plans from velarc.it. This was our first ever experience with boatbuilding in epoxy/glass, so it has been a rather slow process, but we have learned allot. Half way throuhg our build, I found this fantastic website. And I have been following the ENTZ Dual build thread and Claudios AC33 thread closely.

I can se now, that our IACC120 is built like a tank, the hull alone without deck is 700g. So we decided this will be a rather fat prototype, and we will build two race competitive boats, when we finish the “fat lady”.

As I have been spending hours and hours reading on this page i decided to become a part of it, and hopefully give some thing back.

Because I live in Scandinavia I am almos forced to build the Victory Challenge SWE-96. (Unfortunetly Denmark has no teams)
I will try to make my own plans, with some existing plans as a template. In that way I will try to add my ovn personal touches.

Well, this has become a rather long introduction, I will finish with a picture of our “fat lady”