Hello From Delaware, USA

I am back in the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. I used to design, build and race Marbleheads and US1Ms. I would like to race Marbleheads and IOMs, but there is no one in my area that does. So I am trying to ramp up with RG65s (0.5 Marbleheads).

Gregg - I am sure you will enjoy the smaller “half-pint” version. You can build much, much lighter in weight, travel with rig on and laying on it’s side - or in stand if you have a taller van, and can buy a lot of adult beverages with the difference in cost between an “M” and an RG-65.

Welcome - and be sure to check out the forum thread dealing only with the RG-65 class (with some off-topic stuff normally found on a forum).

Thanks Dick. I plan on taking it out on the big boat and getting some of the crew involved. Hopefully get some good after racing racing in. I am finding that the RG65 can be put together rather inexpensively.