Hello from Daytona Beach

Hi Everyone,

My name is Enrico. I must confess that I am an active RC Sailplane flyer. So you might waner what on earth am I doing here. Well, Last weekend while visiting the local park, My father in law and I got to meet some nice folks who were sailing their bigger ships. Needless to say, it was awesome to see them cruise and sail and after one of them let my in law sail one of their big ships, we were hooked.
So why did it catch my attention? Well, being a rc sailplane pilot I am very attracted to dealing with the unknown forces of nature like wind, thermals and such. Sometimes flying time is very rare so I needed something to coupe with not flying, and sailing iis the next thing in line that can be done when the weather doesn’t allow flying. (yeap, I know, up to certain poiint)
Anyway, my dad in law and I lurked around the weekend looking for a good alternative to get us sailing ASAP. So we came across the Footy class. It met all the requirements: can be scratch built from plans, simple and not expensive, competitive, and most of all, easy to learn to sail.
Last night we decided to take the plunge and printed various set of copies of the Razor 3 footy and the Harpy footy, went back to the stash of balsa we had and starting making some balsa dust! Yeah!! in three hours we got ourselves in enough trouble that we had to go back to build logs and the internet to find out how to continue. Finally we got both hulls made and ready for the inner bracing and installing of the RC equipment. Boy this is going to be fun!!
About me: Like I said I’ve been flying model airplanes for 28 years. I started flying gas airplanes and then moved to free flight, sailplanes, Pattern airplanes and helicopters. I build most of my airplanes and I am good at reading blue prints and plans and making and inventing my own parts.
I have sailed a couple of times as a crew member in large open class sailboats, but that came to a quick stop since Iwas 18 and going to college. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to resume that side of the hobby.
Finally, I am really excited about getting into sailboats. Hopefully we’ll be able to maiden our ships this weekend before my dad in law goes back to Ecuador South America. But his got also the bug and will be building back there until he comes back again in march of next year. By the way, my two kids, 6 and 3 are also excited about the sailing experience. they helped us last night with the paint design of the boats each is going to sail. I guess i’ll have to build a third one if I one to have my own!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Enrico -

so very glad you and father-in-law found the hobby. You have picked an exccellent class of boat with which to start. There are lots of them - some registered, some not and for now, they will make excellent teaching and learning tools for the kids. Probably the next step up (in size) will be the RG-65 (65cm long/25 1/2 inches) and it also has a lot of free plans. Some are easy-to-build with flat panels, while others will be a challenge and test building skills. That is also a class - with the biggest fleets in Brazil, Chile and Argentina, but growing here in the U.S.

Welcome to the forum and the group of r/c FOOTY sailors.


Thank you Dick for the warm welcome, I did check the Rg-65 and have already plans printed out. First I’ll have to finish my two footys (actually those are for the kids, the RG-65 will be for me and my dad in law) progress is good so far and my dad in law left for Ecuador and wont be back til march, so I’ll have to finish them by myself. Anyway, thanks for the idea, cant wait to build a couple. With the kids, me and my dad in law maybe we can start a league of rg-65 here in Daytona!


Consider registering here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RG65SailboatsUS/ and for first post, ask for any other owners in your area. As former “registrar” for U.S. boats, I know there are some in Florida, but don’t have specifics. Good group and good tips and hints. Once built you can register the boat(s) and Fater-in-law may have some fleets in South America. I think we only register U.S. boats - but I will see if I can any contacts for him in Ecuador.

Regards, Dick

Thanks Dick,

I already did register at the RG-65 yahoo group. Haven’t posted yet but I am trying to get the footies finished since starting next week we will be moving into our new home and need to pack everything up! Yeay!! Once settle I will have lots of room to build multiple projects at once. Its nice to have a garage!
My dad in law will be mostly sailing when here in Daytona Beach but he propably can start a complete episode of “sailing in Ecuador South America”!!
Thanks again for all the help!


You bet. Hope to be able to see/meet you on the water some time.

Best regards, Dick