Hello from Bremen/Germany


I am Lothar, living in northern Germany. I am building modells of all kinds since about 40 years. There were some sailboats in my youth. in 2010 I started again building yachts. I love the swedih designs like skerrycruisers and so on. In the last 3 1/2 years I built 2 SK15 called Svea and Sonja, a Sk22 called Malin a Neptunekryssare and and a SK30 called Agneta. All boats are built from wood and are in scale 1:5.

please notice “Bauberichte” at http://forum.klassik-modellyacht.de/



PS: Is there a reason, why I cannot see any picture?

Once you are approved, you will be able to see and post photos.


moin Lothar,

nice to have you here!
Hope to meet you again at fuehlingen next spring.

Still my favorite, your dragon.
Can’t wait to see your knarr-boat.

Wolfgang, der mit der gefürchteten Gracia :wink:

Hey Wolfgang,

nice to find You over here. Of course I’ll be in Fühlingen next spring. The wooden boat fleet needs as much boats as possible:D I hope to make the maiden voyage with my SK30 today…

Have a look at TinaII and Freja sailing. This was last summer in Denmark. Marcio is the owner of the dragon. May be I can motivate him to come along to Cologne some day.



der aus der Lenzpumpenfraktion


didn’t want to mention it :wink: