Hello from Bergen, Norway

Hello everyone.

I’m about to start building a R/C sailboat.

I do quite a bit of sailing - full scale. In addition I have made a few R/C planes and boats before (but not sail boats).
I while ago I was thinking - why not combine my interest of sailing and R/C “toys”…

I have decided to make a IOM class boat (as this seems to be the most popular boat in Norway)
Which design I’m going for is not 100% decided yet, but for the moment I’m leaning towards a Noux-2.
For the moment I try to gather information for my project - and here at RCsailing.net I really found what I’m looking for. It seems to be people with tons of experience here - which also willingly share their knowledge with newbies like me.

Welcome Esspinn. Good luck with your IOM project. Lots of IOM scratch (and other classes) builders here to offer help and advice.