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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Lukasz Koch. I live in NE Poland in the great area of “thousand lakes”. For a living I own and operate a pizza restaurant, but for a hobby I discovered last year a RC sailing. Since among polish forum I couldn’t find nothing specific about saliling I found your forum. So far I build one boat, based on the pland of america’s cup winner Australia II. I would say it was succesful, the boat sailed and listened to my commands, but the quality of workmanship it was terrible :D!!! Now I decided to design and build a NSS 650 STANDARD class boat, which is Poland’s national class. The boat is a variation of RG 65 boat, with cosmetic differences (total length of a keel we measure from very bottom of the hull not from waterline). I would like to post my build log here and ask all of you for advice and a word of support.

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Lukasz Koch

I may have the same boat i got it in a trade. Aussie II not built yet.
I am a big fan of the RG65 class. Can you give more info on this 650 standard class?
This is a great place for help and support. Just search the past post’s for almost anything or just ask for what you need.
Good luck on your build and post it here.

hi Craig,

Here I will list the basic requirements. Over the weekend there’s 650 standard’s regatta in nearby town, so I will stop by there and snap some pics, to show you what the boats look like down here :slight_smile:

  1. Basic technical data of class “NSS - 650 - STANDARD”:

1.a total lenght of the hull, made in any desired technology is to be 650 mm(+/- 5 mm)
1.b Height of the mast cannot exceed 1100 mm
1.c Sail area cannot exceed 2250 cm2, number of spare sail sets is as desired. Sails can only be of two triangle sails (fok (the front) and the grot (the main) I don’t know what they are called in english), attached to only one mast. Use of sail wings, sail-o-masts, or rotary masts is forbidden. The sail material is to be rolled into 30 mm diameter pipe
1.d In the boat can be only two servos. Use of sail winches, or servo with + 120 degrees rotation angle is forbidden.
1.e the size and area of rudder is as desired, lenght of keel measured from hull’s bottom to the tip of the bulb cannot exceed 300 mm, the number of spares is as desired. Ready to sail model though is with one rudder, keel, mast (use of canting? movable keels is forbidden)
1.f the weight and shape of balast is as desired
1.g materials used for construction as desired
1.h hull is to be equipped with elastic bumper at the bow, attached permanently. the size of the bumper is not considered into measurement of the boat

as I said I went for the regatta and here are some pics of what people race here :slight_smile:

lukasz koch