Hello everyone

Dear every one,
My name is David, I live in Rome (Italy) and I’m an expert dynamic modeller. In my curriculum I projected and realized several minium planes easily findable in my youtube account (search for a6m2a user). In the last 5 years I start playing with RC boats and with my surprice I find this new category extremely cool. Starting with a simple boat (in PVC) I progressively increased my experience testing also different models as IOM and IACC120. Despite this, I decided that 1 metre RC boats represent without any doubt the perfect dimention. For this reason within a widespread group of modellers I was one of the creators of the CLASS AC100 first (model originally created by luca71-5 several years before) and recently the version AC100 eXtreme. We have a main website where I’m the web master easily findable at: www.ac100.eu a forum and several sections (with a dedicated ENGLISH section in the forum).
Due to the fact that I’m also a designer I was able to project one of the fast and extremely manouvrable AC100, the model AC100s (Speedy Boat) (c it on youtube). At the moment we have up to 4 Speedy boats under construction only in Rome. As soon as possible I’ll upload the project on our website, probably within next week and I hope that this one meter Class will be soon a worldwide distribution.
thks for attention


Welcome to the forums.

I look forward to the wealth of knowledge that you can bring to the forum.