Hello all

I have been building models for as long as I can remember. Plastic, wood, planes, cars, boats, pretty much everything. I am not very good at it, even with all of the practice - No patience! The glue always takes too long to set, and the paint always takes too long to dry.

Love to sand, though I need to develop a lighter hand at it. I do not know too many other people who can go through one ounce fiberglass with 400 grit sandpaper. I suppose the epoxy takes too long to harden.

I have run boats for about ten years now. The Fairwind, the Seawind, a CR914, even sailed a Laser for a while. I do have some EP boats, but I like sailing much better. I find it more relaxing, and much more challenging.

Back when I was still insane, I spent the last twenty years of my life as a mechanical designer. Mostly in contract engineering, specializing in high speed automated machinery and robotics. Then one day I woke up and found out that there is more to life then the old rat race.

I am not a hard core sailor. I know nothing of the jargon, or terms. I just like to sail. I am a lousy typist, and I think much faster then I can type. So things do not always come out right.