helicopter blades for keel fins?

Would you use a helicopter lade for a keel fin on your RG65? They don’t seem to have a large cord, and you have to get the elusive symmetrical ones. I think they have a length of c. 42cm, but I’m not sure what that means, because the part on the inboard end had something like a keel tongue with a hole in it.

I suppose you could use part for an RG65 and the extra bit might work for a Footy.

An example:

I’ve messed around with a couple, Marc, but wasn’t impressed. Unless you find them on sale, they tend to be rather expensive…but the biggest disapointment for me was that they are quite heavy. The leading edge is usually weighted with a pencil-sized stick of lead that is vey difficult to get out. I’d rather have the weight in the bulb than in the leading edge of the fin. They do have a nice shape, but a bit thicker than I prefer, too.

Just my opinion, though…you might find one that’s more suitable than what I came up with.


The 300 or 350 sized ones I got were in the $30 range and foam filled. Not enough chord for a fin, but great for a rudder.

I think I’ll go back to the plywood-Aluminum-plywood laminate I use on the Footies.