Hel ID this Schooner

Hey Folks,

Picked this up from a guy who was moving. It was a freebie…

36" long 42 with the bow sprit 8" wide. and mast is 40" tall

Its got an old school airtronics radio.

two servo’s for the sails, and one rudder

The lines remind me of America… but its not rigged as such… close but not quite looks like I could drop it in the water and sail it today. everything works…

it has a lead block in the keel, IE no drop keel.

Just what I need…another project…

Was looking at some old (very) emails, and at one time you were going to go the multihulls route…focusing on either a 1 meter or the 65M size. Did anything pan out, or did it turn into dumpster materials? :wink:

Yeah I still have plans for the nightmare mark 8 somehwere.

I always end up with too many projects.

I don’t plan on doing much to this current schooner right away. I still have the 1920’s motoryacht to finish up. the hull is done, power plant installed, no batteries installed yet, deck is ready to go on I still need to build/design the cabin.

So I will not work on any sail boats until the powerboat is done and ready for paint.

But yeah I’d love to do a cat or a tri, but I’d also love to build a skinny esterel E, another IOM rig and sails, ect. ect. ect… plus a new travel bar…

it never ends.

I know the feeling - in fact, I’ve pulled out the supplies and components and am going to try to finish up the build on my “Economaran” which is designed and based on slab sided balsa, shaped foam for deck and bottom of the hulls. Something some of the big builders tried and are doing. My hope is that the process will encourage some to try since it doesn’t involve strip building of hulls, or a lot of little fiddling around. Just cut some foam to match the outline of the hull sides, glue foam onto the balsa sheet sides and using coarse paper and a Surform file, shape the foam by eye to a pleasing shape. Add a deck in a similar manner, and a few internal pieces on the hulls as hard points for attaching the cross beams and standing rigging. Make a third hull for trimaran configuration if a new sailor wants a bit more platform for stability and add radio gear and go.

If one can source the pink/blue/gray foam, the hulls should cost less than $15.00 (US) - easily within most discretionary budgets. Photos show a very rough cut foam in place on the bottom of the plywood sheet sides of a hull.