Height of rig

Without wishing to be a sea-lawyer, I have been wondering what is the current thinking about “A” and “B” rigs. If the “B” rig must be 12" or less, and the “A” rig is unlimited, what should be done with regards to having ‘several’ “A” rigs, all brought to the pond for a competition, and one being chosen to match the current wind speed? And if the wind markedly increases or decreases, which rig is designated “A”?

Rod, I can see no problem with the concept of choosing an "A rig " based on the wind strength, from a selection, on the day, prior to the comencment of a regatta.
Of course the normal restriction remains that if it is a two day event, that same sail must also be used on the second day as your designated “A rig.”

Any race officer worth their salt will ensure that if that sail is damaged (by accident :jester:) and needs to be replaced, it is replaced by a sail of similar size.:devil1:

If the wind strength changes to require a larger rig then tough luck, you have made your choice and have to live with it, but if the wind increases and you need to change down then you are restricted to the “B rig” which has a 12" above the deck maximum height restriction.
The challange is of course, the bits in between your selections since only two rigs are allowed for competition purposes. :propeller

I agree exactly with Ian’s interpretation and explanation.

^^^ what he said ^^^ :p:zbeer:

Impertinent young jackanapes!:zbeer: :devil3: