Heart Pacemakers and RC

Just got this question from a member of our club:

I just had a pacemaker installed 2 weeks ago and I am
restricted from driving for another 10 days.

My RC transmitter is
an old JR PROPO NET-150 (AM mode) and I can’t find any specs for it on the
web, probably because it’s so old. Because of my new pacemaker, I have some
restrictions on the distance between RF transmitters and my pacemaker
depending on transmitter power output, antenna design, etc. For instance, I
can’t even use a cell phone on my ear that is on the same side of my body
that the pacemaker implant is. Do you know or can you estimate for me the
power output in watts that my transmitter is emitting?

I am planning on replacing the old NET-150 with a new transmitter-receiver
set. Do you have any recommendations and could you give me a web site that
I could check the specs on any new system?

Any electronics types out there that can help?



Hi Earl,
hope you will be better from now on.

We are all radiated from every where. Higher the frequency higher the danger for the same power output.

In France the Transmitter power for RC applications is between 250mW and 500mW. One should check the National Regulations on the subject.

Obviously the 2.4Ghz is more dangerous, in terms of radiations, than a 40Mhz.

Portable phones and WiFi are recently called up by the OMS/WHO as potential hazards.

Standing close to a WiFi and computer set, it may be considered an hazard too.

All the best


there may be someone there that can add to what Claudio posted.