Hatch Material

I have seen many designs with large flush openings in the deck. What do you use for the sticky hatch material to close those larger openings. I have an RG65 and want something better than plastic can lids.



I use stick-back Dacron that I get from the local sailmaker. A yard of it costs $12 and will last a long time. It most often comes in white, black and red. For more interesting colors at a higher price, check out Midwest Model Yachting.


Another option is to use adhesive vinyl used by the sign industry. If you choose to use this material I would advise you to put a couple of drops of liquid detergent into 2 liters of water. Wet the surface where the vinyl is to applied - peel off the backing sheet and spread out carefully. The detergent acts as a wetting agent and allows the vinyl to slide around. Once correct placement is done leave in the sun to dry. When dry vinyl should be tight and wrinkle free.

And when you need to remove - warm gently with a hairdryer so it doesn’t pull off the paint.

Tom - Sticky Dacron is also available in smaller sizes. I can’t recall which one - but one sells it in 12" x 12" size for around $ 0.50 as I recall - Check “Kite Studio” and/or “Hang-Em-High Kites”.