Hatch Cover Alternative Sources

I have tried foam insulation tape, and it deforms too much. An alternative was offered, or illustrated, some time ago, with three screws. Is that currently available for purchase somewhere?

A better one that slides in and out is available from Rob Fresh, Wichita, KS freshwind1@att.net.

I think the cover you are thinking of is pictured below. If I am sorry to report the fellow that was making them is no longer doing so. I purchased a couple of them from him over the years, but sadely he no longer answers his e-mails.
They were truley works of art.
I have some pictures of a number of different hatches I have collected from various posts over the years. If you have any interest in seeing them, let me know and I will post pictures or send them to you via email.


I have purchased a hatch kit from Fresh Seawind Upgrades, freshwind1@att.net, for $20. This is a Lexan hatch plate, three guides, and a tubular gasket. The guides are glued to front and sides of hatch area. The gasket is glued around the opening, The plate slides through the guides, over the gasket. I use Silicone Lubricant Oil on the gasket each time I sail. This ensures a waterproof seal. I cut down the height of the guides so that the plate compresses the gasket. I have to push down the front of the plate for it to enter the front guide. When all is tight, there are no leaks.

Hi Alan;

Any pictures by any chance? I too am looking for an alternative hatch cover.


Go to website, wichitarcsailing.org That is the Air Capital Model Sailing Club. Go to, For Sale, and see the hatch cover, with photo.

I use this, and it works great.


Thanks Alan… I got the same one you did from Rob Fresh and am very pleased with it.