Has anyone heard of a boat called "The Aries"?

I just been given one of the most beautiful boats that I have ever seen…I have a thing for all wood boats but have never had the patience or time to build one and have never seen one for sale. I met a man at the local hobby store and we got to talking about sailboats. He said that he had a rather large model sailboat in his garage that he would give to me if I wanted it. He also said that it was completely constructed of what looked like mahogany. By this time I was pretty much chomping at the bit to go pick up the boat, BUT His garage was in Portland Oregon, about a 10 hour drive from where I live in California. The good news was that He said that he was down here every couple of weeks on Business and would bring the boat down with him the next time He was down.

Yeah, right I thought and kind of blew it off but gave him one of my cards any way. Well about 2 months had gone by and low and behold, I get an e mail from him saying that he was down and had brought the 50" sailboat with him in the back seat of his car!! 50 inch!!, 16 inch beam!! YIPPEE!!

So he shows up tonight at my house with this beautiful all wooden boat in his back seat, sails intact, only missing a small wooden dowel for the jib. He even brought the book with it that simply says “The Aries” on the front and runs through assembly instructions. There is no mention of the manufacturer at all in it. Specs are 50" length, 16" beam, 5lb keel weight. and not a whole lot else.

I did give him a bunch of airplane r/c stuff and some plane kits as he was into flying. We both walked away feeling like we had gotten a great deal.

Has anyone ever heard of such a boat? I’ll get some new batteries for my digi cam and post up some pics. It looks very much like an old pond type boat.

Thanks for your help guys (Can Ya tell I’m excited?)[}}:-|>>]

Can’t help - but I found Aries Electronics, Aries Cycle Shop, Aries Concrete, 2 different USS Aries, one HMS Aries, bound- aries, revolution- aries, the cusp of Aries… sigh Good luck :slight_smile:

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