Hartman Fiberglass - Supplier Info

A Forum Post as AMYA Technical Editor

Since many forum members may not be AMYA members (Aaarrrgh) you may not be aware of this. Just one of the reasons to join, by the way – timely information is one example:

"This is Don Spielberger from Loyalhanna dockyard and Taubman plans. I wanted to let you know that we have now purchased Hartman fiberglass and will be producing all of the sailboat hulls he had molds for.

Would you please get the word out to the class secretaries that Hartman made certified hulls for and have them please contact me. "


It is very nice to know, that those boats will continue to be made.

It’s great to see the tradition continued. One tiny quibble – Dwight always insisted on the word “fibreglass” instead of “fiberglass.” Newsletter editors learn these things, often the hard way :slight_smile: (but I did catch it in time).