This is totally off topic, but I thought a few of you might get a chuckle out of the prototype “harmonograph” I just built. I had built one as a kid from plans in Popular Science magazine & got the urge to put one together again. So I threw this together in a couple hours, as can be seen by the quick & dirty construction, but I wanted to get the rough dimensions checked out before I built a nicer model. A quick Google search will reveal many other configurations based on a similar concept of “pendulum power”.


What aovely toy. A sort of funfair Foucault’s pendukum. I want one. :zbeer:

Somewhere out there… in cyberland… some engineer is busy at his machine writing the code to duplicate the movements of the weights/arms. I can hear him say…“Who needs gravity, we can write a program that does the same thing.”

Where will it all end…


You are all too correct Larry. Many people find the cyber experience to be more appealling than the “real thing”. Here’s the mathematical formulas as described at:

x(t) = Ax(t) sin(wx t + px) + As(t) sin(ws t + ps)

y(t) = Ay(t) sin(wy t + py)

Why are we fooling around with actually building & sailing boats, when we could be sitting in front of a computer playing with a numerical model?

That’s neat Bill. My first thought was “This guy has too much time on his hands”. And then the darned device appeared to draw a Footy hull. Keep at it. You’ll have an organically designed Footy ready for next season. :zbeer:

And while on Youtube, I found this related toy. Way more fun that a simulated version.