hard chine, planning sled design

i think once before i’ve posted about a female mold i have. aprx. 38" long, medium draft, with a hard chine into a flat bottom. I’ll be extending the mold to around 45-50". I tend to see alot of people asking about hulls that will plane, and this hull has been proven to plane, on several models using this mold, but i have no solid proof of this for anyone sorry. I have no pictures, but within the next few days i’ll have the pictures of the mold up, and soon after progress pictures.

Thanks for the interest!

has anyone tried a retractable bow foil to lift the bow on reaches and downwind. just something to keep the bow from diving when u get overpowered, and to lift the bow in moderate conditions. and is there a tutorial on here for posting pictures?

My early attempt at a 1m tri lacked sufficient buoyancy in the bow, so I came up with a small nonretractable foil. It can be seen at the MultiONE page: scroll down & click on “Renegade”, lower picture:
It actually worked to prevent a total pitchpole, but was sort of like putting the brakes on.

Speaking of planing hulls, I was sailing my “big boat” last Sunday & saw a couple kayak based sailing trimarans. The amas weren’t really “floats” but were more like short water skis, relying on planing lift rather than displacement.

BTW, Wis had a nice tutorial for posting images a while back,but I can’t seem to find it now.

For another take on this idea, you might consider instead a foil on the rudder, applying the opposite force. Check out what the 750mm class does in Australia.

Go here and see the gallery.