Happy New Year Down Under!

To Brett, Ian, Steve, Andrew, and anyone I missed from down under…

Happy New Year!! :zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer::zbeer:

I guess time goes by faster down there, or you guys are more advanced than us Yanks…It’s still 2008 here.

All the best…Bill

Well it`s 2009 morning here mate. :smiley:
The sun is shining and the temperature is about 22 degrees centigrade.
A nice breeze to keep the temperature comfortable and maybe power a model yacht. Life is good.
Thanks for your kind wish Bill and I return the sentiment to you, and all my friends and acquaintances in the northern hemisphere.

I was chatting with Todd Olson a few days ago and he told me that I am famous… :cool: …(a legend in my own lunchtime) throughout the world, as he was sailing in Central Park when my name came up and the locals said “we know him.” Not sure if that is a good thing or not. :confused:

Anyway cheers to you all on this forum where we do have a good feeling, I think you will agree. :zbeer:

Happy New Year Bill, Ian and everyone else who writes on or reads this excellent forum :slight_smile:

It’s deep winter here in Wisconsin with not a hope of sailing anything for another 3 months… I need to move. Happy sailing to those who can…


Happy New Year!

Hey Graham, have you thought about NC? A touch of winter without being FL.

Hi John, I have certainly thought about SC. We have long time friends in Greenville who we visited in '07, that is a lovely and very cosmopolitan town. Close to the mountains and yet the coast is not so far away. Maybe one day, I certainly don’t intend to grow old in this climate! It might be 6 years in the USA for me now but I still consider it temporary.

So John whatya got against Florida :cool: trying to pick a fight huh, well it won’t work :stuck_out_tongue: Happy New Year one and all. Bit late, but procrastination is healthy. Paul

You might consider adding ice yachting to your hobbies…

Or build a 1/4 scale hovercraft like I did. :smiley: