Hallo from Switzerland

hello all
my name is Dieter and I have 1956 with 13 years old built my first sailboat, a Moth and have with enthusiasm sailed regatta on Moth, Vaurien, Laser, Star, halfton IOR, IOR 3/4ton and participated in countless races throughout Europe.
Since 2009, I started with the RC model sailing and doing so with great enthusiasm.
My classes are Footy SUI 21 (for now 8 different own designs) / - RG65 SUI 210 (up to now 6 different own designs) - and other Sailboats.
Currently I’m developing on a new IOM racer.
I am pleased now to be part of this great RC Forum.


Hi Dieter
Great to see you on this forum.
I am also looking at IOM and like the look and price of the Goth MX7 Evo3.