Hallo from Munich - Bavaria

Hello to all…

At school I get contact to modeling.
First I build sailplanes but I was to stupid learning to fly. So I started to build some sailboats. They could not crash ;-).
Later on I started rc boat racing.
About 6 years ago I finished with this and started to build sailboats again.
So I’ve done some Micro Magics, one of them got a genua sail steering.
There is a thread in German Micro Magic Website if someone is interested. Unfortunately in German Language.
Meanwhile I own a IOM, Marblehead, Tenrater, some RG65’s (JIF, Round Ranger, Lärke65, Graupner Racing 65)
This time I’m restoring a Windy, an old M-Boat from Austria.
From time to time I’m trying to install a genua steering on Graupner Rubin, similar I’ve done with my Micro Magic.
Too, there are some other projects as a GothiX by Frank Russel or a new Footy and so on …

Is this my friend Ruthard ? Hope you are doing well and Hello to Erhard.

Welcome to RC-Sailing, Ruthard!

Hi ruthard, welcome to the forum. I also try to participate, but it turns out to be a bit difficult to register. I hope it now worked.
So, you have not mentioned yet that you ve got a brand new AC120 hull…
Enjoy it and hopefully soon on the racing track with it!

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