HalfPint Too hulls are now available

I’m pleased to announce that Craig Huzway is offering plastic hull and deck moldings for my HalfPint Too. The prototype for HalfPint Too did very well at the Region 1 championship. You can see more pics of her in the Photos section of the FootyUSA forum…she is number 427.

Craig will send the hull, the deck, and a set of template drawings for the foils and internal braces I used in building my boat. The drawings aren’t too sophisticated…I just traced the parts I used. A rig diagram is there, too, as well as some pics of my build. I think the package should be sufficient for anyone with reasonable skills to duplicate my boat.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Footy that handles great and is easy to build, contact Craig at huzway@yahoo.com.

In case anyone is wondering, this is not a commercial venture for me, and I don’t make any money from it. I’m working with Craig to provide the class with an inexpensive way to get a nice hull, hoping it will encourage more people to build Footys.

Keep thinking inside the box…Bill

So this is where all the emails are coming from…Thank you Bill.
Yes I’m ready and willing to get some hulls and decks out.
To be a bit more specific they are HIPS = high impact polystyrene.
For Wood parts scuff the plastic and glue with epoxy or CA.
always scuff first!
styrene to styrene use MEK or testers the thinner the better.
a little goes a long way!
a lot makes a mess!
The hull is .030" thickness
Deck is .020" thickness
I’ll get weights out next time I make a batch.

Like Bill in case anybody is wondering this is just a hobby for me.
My boat of choice is the RG65. I just happened upon making these.
It does get me some “Beer” money but that is not my goal here.
I did this system for myself.
CAD Programing and CNC machining make a great hull!
As long as I can keep up, it is too good not to share with the Footy and the RG65 classes that I do. I’m very happy with what I do and I hope I continue to hear good things back from you.
Happy Building and a special Thank you Bill keep up the good work.
Craig Huzway